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About Us

Wholly started with the experiment of wife and husband, Aida and Nedeljko Jokanovic. First shirt was made as a birthday present for Aida's best friend who is obsessed with balloons. The duo had been trying to discover how to make unique and long lasting balloon until finally, 2 years ago, they created their first Wholly Wear shirt.

The first balloon on white shirt was drawn and cut by hand. Since having their friends saw the first shirt, their orders didn't stop. This led to the creation of other wonderful colours and shapes of Wholly Wear. Girls who already have these long t-shirts that can be worn like a dresses claim that they are the most comfortable soft thing they’ve ever carried. The colors are alive, and for everyone there is a shape on the back in which they can be found.

The following interpretation of the concept is that the girls who wear Wholly are those for whom you look back, because they can not be unnoticed in their uniqueness. When you look at their back you see the sun, cloud, flower, ladybug, balloon, boat, moonlight - symbols that binds us so many beautiful associations, and the skin is an essential part  of that message. The skin makes the ship has its core, rays its sun, butterfly its body and it can turns into a balloon...